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About PAJ

About PAJ

Petroleum Association of Japan(PAJ),incorporated in November1955, is composed of 10 refiners and primary distributors in Japan. lts main activites are:

  • 1. to collect the opinions of the member companies and compile proposals to be incorporated in the government petroleum policy,
  • 2. to survey the situation of the petroleum industry,and
  • 3. to provide information relating to the petroleum industry.


PAJ deals with all matters concerning the refining and marketing of petroleum products. The main functions by PAJ are as follows:

  1. Publishing information on important issues for the petroleum industry.
  2. Advocating the industry's opinions and submitting proposals to the government,business associations, the media and the general public.
  3. Researching and coordinating activities related to important petroleum issues and providing information on such issues.
  4. Researching and coordinating activities related to climate change issues related to petroleum, and carbon neutral
  5. Undertaking governmental subsidy programs such as the "Major Oil Spill Response Program", including international conferences.
  6. Enhancing communication and understanding among member companies.

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